Car second-hand


AutoPartner PLUS s.r.o.

offer for sale of used cars patrolled nehavarované and commercial vehicles in the age of 4 years, almost new, annual vehicle showroom and reporters' cars Peugeot and Volvo Warranty. Second Hand delivered only tested the car with the guarantee of origin and the service book.

Tanvaldská 220, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou

Autobazary JoLaCar

offer at least 150 vehicles. Trade-in sale, leasing and credit. The bazaar is a bazaar plocha.Specializovaný asphalt to the Skoda.

Kateřinská 517, Stráž nad Nisou


sale of quality new quad Adly, SMC, NewForce, Gamax, Suzuki, Goes, Linhai. Sales of supplements (E-Shop): treads, bumpers, discs, tires, pads, clothing, electronics, oil on all common types of ATVs. We offer a warranty and customer service.

Světlá pod Ještědem-Rozstání 91,


We sell used cars checked. Purchase of trade-in, lease, loan. We provide customer service. In the bazaar section you can see our current nabídku.Autorizovaný dealer and service of Toyota vehicles.

Doubská 424, Liberec XXIII-Doubí

HA-CARS, s.r.o.

used-car operation.

Tanvaldská 1458, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou


purchase and lease of motor vehicles.

Zámecký vrch 1403, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou

Michal Vaníček - Bazar

Ensuring the importation of used cars and selling used cars, spare parts and towing service.

Dopravní 711, Liberec

Milan Balcar - Car

run a bazaar with tire. Offer car batteries, car care products and accessories.

Dr. Milady Horákové 185/66, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

Autocentrum Liberec Plus, s.r.o.

used-car operation.

Košická 471/2, Liberec III-Jeřáb

SP auto CZ, s.r.o.

mediation offer loans and leases pojištění.Nákup and selling vehicles.

Londýnská 168/26, Liberec XI-Růžodol I

Jaroslav Dvořák autobazar-Spasoa

Buying and selling used cars and trucks.

Norská , Liberec

Jiří Říha- Bazar aut

Import and sales of passenger cars and off-road vehicles.

Andělská cesta 22/3, Liberec

Kamicar, spol. s r.o.

We import cars from abroad. We provide consultancy services.

Moskevská 142/47, Liberec

Roman Hák, autobazar

Operation bazaar.

Letná 530/41, Liberec

Auto EU, s.r.o.

We import and buy used cars.

Hodkovická 446, Liberec XXIII-Doubí

Richard Frenzel- Bazar

Buying and selling used cars as trade-ins, brokering leases.

Puškinova 24, Liberec

Martin Novotný- Autobazary

redemption and purchase of Fiat cars.

Moravská 125, Liberec XX-Ostašov

Pavel Kolarovič, prodej aut

Provides import and sale of cars from the European Union.

Habartice 194, Habartice

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