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range of production and assembly of plastic windows and doors, conservatories and accessories including window masonry work.

Tanvaldská 163, Liberec(v areálu pivovaru ve Vratislavicích)

Kinghouse, s.r.o.

Malé náměstí 534, Liberec

EDEX s.r.o.

EDEX Company Ltd. specializes in the sale and installation of plastic windows and doors company VEKA, Rehau and Deuceninck. We provide orientation of windows and doors, installation of new windows, removal of old windows with their environmental destruction and bricklayer's finishing.

Liberecká 552, Chrastava


design offers an interesting series of bathroom accessories including bathroom accessories, such as cosmetic mirror, soap holder and wire shelves, wire program, handles, dispensers and built-in, hooks and baskets.

U Nisy 872, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Roman Pokorný STAVEBNINY

We provide sales of building materials, construction, insulation material, including its transport to the destination. Further calculations realize the price of materials and works according to the customer.

Frýdlantská 475, Chrastava

Viktor Rejnart

implementing a new realization, overhaul and reconstruction of roofs and flat saddle. Corrections monuments and history. objects. Perform complex and atypical plumbing, roofing and carpentry work. Sales of roofing materials. Waterproofing of roofs.

Londýnská 123/17, Liberec XI-Růžodol I

DV Liberec, spol. s r.o.

We manufacture, installation of wooden windows, including accessories. We supply windows, doors, including fire, lining windows, glass walls, wooden interpretations, wooden floor terraces, replica windows. Consultation, graphic design, preparation of offers, the focus window.

Pavlovická 366/7, Liberec I-Staré Město


the sale and installation of all types of garage doors, entry gates and gates, electric garage doors and entrance gates, fence field, parking systems. We supply components for production of entrance gates, shutters, awnings.

Londýnská 577/29, Liberec XI-Růžodol I

BALAST s.r.o.

We offer plastic swimming pools and accessories. We produce polypropylene plastic swimming pools including the pool - high-quality, UV protection, durability and 30 years, 100% waterproof, rich accessories, whirlpools. We also produce plastic tanks, septic tanks, manholes.

Švestková 229, Liberec


offer an international manufacturer and supplier of gutter and drainage systems from time-proven materials, especially coating of steel, Finnish, French and the titanium-zinc provided stabilizing the plastic material.

Vesecká 309, Liberec XXV-Vesec


We manufacture custom furniture construction and carpentry. We make windows, euro-windows, doors, euro doors, conservatories, interior doors. We also offer kitchen and built-in cabinets, rustic furniture, trade, office furniture. We produce commercial interiors.

Světlá pod Ještědem 64,

Autodoprava Hlavatý

We offer transportation and rental of containers, refuse collection and disposal of human waste, construction and household waste. Cleaning of drains. Supply and transport of gravel and sand. Revision and monitoring of sewage. Optical inspection camera system piping. Fork lift 21 meters.

Česká 231, Liberec

Celtima, s.r.o.

sale and rental of tents, party, promotion, exhibition and bunk tents, portable buildings, stores, kiosks, pagodas, pavilions, walkway, platform, party furniture, equipment for catering, parties, banquets, festivals. We are a representation of Master Tent, Eschenbach.

České mládeže 387/161, Liberec VIII-Dolní Hanychov


We manufacture, installation and service of outdoor shutters, shutter boxes. We manufacture sliding gates and rolling grilles. Awnings and blinds horizontal, vertical and outdoor. Wide garage doors. Now, also aluminum railings and parapets.

K Batimě 336, Mníšek


offer mail order sales-targets under the pavement to be walked on the roof terrace. Rapid implementation, improved thermal comfort in the lower rooms with ventilated air space under the pavement. Easy recovery of isolation - and the dismantling of the original laying of new foundations.

Na Kopci 1211/8, Liberec XIV-Ruprechtice

Byteček na míru, s.r.o.

We offer built-in wardrobes, kitchen, office furniture and shielding techniques. Offer including design, targeting and assembly. We provide customer service. Shutters, blinds and awnings.

Tanvaldská 166, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad N

Brex spol.s.r.o. - Profil Plast

We manufacture, sales and assembly of plastic and aluminum windows and doors, including accessories (window sills, blinds, shutters). Branded 5-chamber profile Deuceunick zendow. We offer a global design and quality.

Čechova 9/7, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

AVABS s.r.o.

Hejnická 299, Liberec

BWS Liberec, spol. s r.o.

offer plastic and aluminum windows oken.Projekce, manufacture and installation of conservatories. We also supply exterior and interior window sills. Nets against insects, internal blinds and outdoor blinds.

Luční 706, Raspenava

RaV CZ, s.r.o.

we offer delivery and installation of gates HÖRMANN industrial, garage - a type of tipping, section rolling. Roller blinds BATIMA Porotherm Rono in translation, the translation into the hood and HELUZ BATG, window blinds, awnings. Furthermore, gateways, e-mail. Drives and bridges.

Ječmínkova 1001/6a, Liberec XIV-Ruprechtice

A ´ha komín

offer specialized firms for the construction of new chimneys, reconstruction, milling and lining, rubbish clothes. We provide advice on issues of chimneys. We are members of the community association sweep CR. Chimney sweeping and construction of fireplaces is performed across the country.

Mezibranská 21, Frýdlant

LIGNUM PROFI - Plovoucí podlahy

specialize in the sale and installation of brand laminate, wood and cork floating floors, including all accessories, cleaners and accessories. We provide professional and consulting services in the selection of appropriate flooring.

Hanychovská 552/14, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Hrádek, s.r.o.

offer a traditional manufacturer of plastic (German REHAU profile) and aluminum (German HEROAL profile) windows, doors and conservatories. Successfully operate in the market for more than 15 years. We provide complete turn-key delivery window.

Londýnská 61, Stráž nad Nisou

LIBRAX, společnost s ručením omezeným

manufacture and sale of mechanical interlocking zařízení.Rolovací, scissors and fixed grids, solar and security films. We also offer security and the automatic doors, garage and industrial doors, gates, including drives. A company with ISO 9001:2001.

Ještědská 103/85, Liberec VIII-Dolní Hanychov

RETAP, spol. s r.o.

We offer manufacturing fireplace tiled stoves zakázku.Z custom ceramic tiles and cast iron liners to water heat exchangers. We produce and provide storage building chimneys. Pellet stoves for residential, unique tile and tile akumulačky radiators.

Nové Město pod Smrkem-Hajniště 109,

LB LIMARK spol. s r.o.

We build houses on a turnkey basis, including the facade, we perform reconstruction of residential and industrial properties of nuclei. Representation of all domestic producers (hydro-massage tubs and boxes), service. Acrylic tubs (sales, repair, reconstruction with acrylic insert).

5. května 60/42, Liberec I-Staré Město

AIZOL, s.r.o.

offer professional partner for roofs, facades and insulation. Your supplier for concrete, clay, corrugated, metal, plastic and bituminous roofing. Furthermore, the menu shingles, insulation, heating systems, foil, extruded polystyrene and polycarbonate sheets.

Jičínská 121/13, Liberec VIII-Dolní Hanychov


Londýnská 76/22, Liberec

Mr Poolman S.L.

We manufacture concrete pool systems of all types and sizes. Menu drop down masking pools and electrical work.

Volgogradská 202/16, Liberec IX-Janův Důl

Liberecká obalovna, s.r.o.

purchase of sand, stones and rubble. Production of bituminous mixtures.

Hrádecká 247, Liberec XXXIII-Machnín

Kauro, s.r.o.

purchasing equipment, bathrooms, tiling and paving. Offer hydro-massage facilities, showers and bathtubs.

Zhořelecká 1123/14, Liberec I-Staré Město

Fin Gres, s.r.o.

purchase covering materials and accessories for swimming pools.

Jánská 871/10, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Tewiko Systems, s.r.o.

We distribute chimney heads, chimney controllers, ventilation and turbine heads, hot air distribution, heat distribution, fireplace fan, ventilation of the roof. The products are aimed at venting in terms of saving fuel, ventilation and ventilation of houses.

Dr. Milady Horákové 185/66, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

EMPL Liberec, spol. s r.o.

buy building materials for the construction and interior facades.

Pobočná 239, Liberec-Vratislavice nad Nisou

Geos Agt, s.r.o.

buy plumbing needs.

Rochlická 1135, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad N

CS - NORD, s.r.o.

buy tiles and sanitary facilities.

Hejnická 225, Liberec XXXI-Krásná Studánka

Daniel Svatoš Parket Profi

purchase and installation of laminate, wood and cork floors.

Na Pískovně 565/9, Liberec XII-Staré Pavlovice

Ha & Kon, s.r.o.

supply and installation of aluminum balconies of blocks of flats.

5. května 175/7, Liberec I-Staré Město

Jiří Pirkl- Prodej oken a dveří

We offer windows, doors and shutters.

Lesní 681/13, Liberec I-Staré Město

K - Bau, spol. s r.o.

buy ceramic wall and floor tiles for industry, trade and services.

Tichá 470, Liberec XIV-Ruprechtice


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