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VETRA - Jiří Tetour

Železná 253/20, Liberec

Lukáš Valko - Brusivo

Gagarinova 800/53, Liberec

Ondřej Novák

Wholesale sales of building chemistry, technical aerosols, paints and varnishes, sealants and adhesives.

Sportovní 130, Chrastava

Bohumír Krejsa - ADAM Liberec

Sale of dry goods.

Jeronýmova 569, Liberec 7


design offers an interesting series of bathroom accessories including bathroom accessories, such as cosmetic mirror, soap holder and wire shelves, wire program, handles, dispensers and built-in, hooks and baskets.

U Nisy 872, Liberec III-Jeřáb


We import, sale and distribution of professional hair care products for use in hairdressing salons brands Cosmetechnics, literate, Shabam, Carlton-Cosmetics. Re...

Na Rybníčku 876/5c, Liberec III-Jeřáb


Wholesale online store - wide assortment of toiletries, brush goods, detergents, cleaning agents, personal protective equipment. We offer industrial chemistry, hygiene products and cosmetics. We deliver education, health, industry. Free delivery.

Šumavská 532/1, Liberec 4

Lime Bohemia, v.o.s.

Distribution of PE-foil. We produce and supply various film sizes according to customer requirements. We also manufacture bags, sacks and bags palletizing.

Hanychovská 557/12, Liberec

KM - PRONA, a.s.

We offer fuel distribution and operation of fuel stations. Year-round aditivovaná diesel. Our company is contract partner of the Institute of fuels and lubricants, as in Prague (quality guarantee).

Rynoltice 215,

ESPACE Ing. Petr Peřina

Offer wholesale drugstore products and cosmetics. Distribution in drugstores, Mixed stores, pharmacies, petrol stations, the tobacco companies.

Sedmidomky 822, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou

VIRGO, spol. s r.o.

quadrangular sale of metallurgical materials, sheets, tubes, racks, prfil I, U profile, a profile of L. It is also offered in our section steel, structural, circular, flat, square. We also offer welding network, curry network. Provide distribution and transport of this material.

Liberecká 37, Chrastava

VULKAN - Medical, a.s.

We supply the operational, investigative, and special gloves DONA, medical supplies, baby pacifiers, dummies. Furthermore, supplying surgical patches, cannulas, masks, shoe covers, aprons, surgical čepice.Společnost is a distributor of medical supplies.

Jezerní 430, Hrádek nad Nisou

Potreby-kancelarske.cz - PC Contact

We offer paper, packaging, stationery, school supplies. We provide copying and tabulation paper, transparencies, forms, envelopes, labels, folders, cartridges, toners, calculators, books, blocks, thermal rolls, furniture, paper shredders.

Vrchlického 1005/57, Liberec XIV-Ruprechtice

PRONTON, s.r.o.

We supply stainless steel, aluminum, aluminum alloys, copper, brass, titanium zinc, titanium, zinc, galvanized. Of scope for us not going plates, tubes, hollow sections, circular, flat, square, hexagonal bars, stainless fittings, anodized aluminum sheets. We provide transportation.

Masarykova 699/9, Liberec I-Staré Město

Květiny Valdštejnská

We furnishing residential and corporate interiors and flower pots. Containers and planters. Sell luxury pots in modern design. The scope of the whole Republic.

Valdštejnská 287/5, Liberec II-Nové Město

Babyrenka, s.r.o.

offer exclusive importer Teutonia strollers, the menu brands Roan, Bebecar, Dorjan. The retail offer a wide range of baby goods brands Renko-style Autex, Opočenský, Bebe-Jou, equipment to bed, furniture Lemberk, Lamaze toys.

Dr. Milady Horákové 510/13, Liberec IV-Perštýn

LIPA - velkoobchod papírem

offer a wide range of products and shop for your office, business, school or office. We provide a complete supply of school and office supplies, xerox, paper of all kinds, packaging materials and toiletries. Delivery of goods.

Barvířská 51/7b, Liberec III-Jeřáb

SPOLTEX, spol. s r.o.

We offer wholesale and retail sales - sell carpets, rugs, PVC, linoleum, wood and laminate floors, laminate floors for residential and commercial purposes, including professional laying. We are happy to advise you professionally.

Pobočná 374, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou

Výroba stuh - Elas, společnost s ručením omezeným

production of a wide range of edging, ramínkových, technical elastic ribbons both plain and patterned with the inscriptions. Our products are applied in the a...

Větrná 418, Hrádek nad Nisou

Avex Liberec, s.r.o.

Wholesale and retail sale of paints, coatings, repair materials, supplies for painters, protective clothing and equipment. Kolorovací operate a center. We offer a wide range. Specializing in Primalex and Caparol.

Ještědská 52/39, Liberec

Afore, s.r.o.

We offer a complete health service, including cleaning supplies, a wide range of toiletries, brush, and save. We provide alternative services.

Švermova 344/68a, Liberec

Havos, s.r.o.

Production of metal profiles, magnets and magnetic door. Offer plastic strips.

Na Hrázi 793, Liberec


We provide quality service with a personal approach to customers. We offer advertising and luxury gifts. We design gifts meet your requirements. We deliver offi...

Jeřmanická 485/23, Liberec

Baltaxia, a.s.

offer storage in the cold store with capacity of 2173 m2 (for 2100 pallets), at temperatures of -18 ° C. Freezers have their health number.

U Nisy 604/15, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Alox, s.r.o.

Representation of the Swedish company Durie. Import transition, termination, and stair rails for carpets, wooden floors and floating. Furthermore, import trade chairmat. The possibility of wholesale and retail sales.

Barvířská 125/17, Liberec

Metop Elektro, spol. s r.o.

Sales of consumer electronics.

Nová 332/20, Liberec

Technocom Plus, s.r.o.

Sale of iron, plumbing and heating engineer and goods.

Mydlářská 105/10, Liberec

Ema, s.r.o.

Wholesale rustic furniture.

Švermova 344/68a, Liberec

Metop Aquarium, společnost s ručením omezeným

The company is engaged in import and export of tropical fish.

Střelecký vrch 690, Chrastava

Lukracom, společnost s ručením omezeným

Timber production and sale of wood.

Nová Ves 243, Nová Ves

MB Industry, s.r.o.

Importation and distribution of dried fruit, especially raisins and pistachios.

Nádražní 248, Chrastava

Farmářské služby, spol. s r.o.

Sales of agricultural products, compound feed and fishing equipment.

Družstevní 107, Chrastava

Sipron Liberec, spol. s r.o.

Wholesale and retail dry goods and building chemistry.

Nádražní 167, Chrastava

Petr Koudelka

We sale and service of garden and forestry equipment, including accessories and attachments.

Švermova 112/61, Liberec

Lubomír Bartoš - Velkoobchod papírového a polygrafického zboží

Offer a range of services, publishers of periodicals.

Bílá 72, Bílá

Kulmon - Škoda, s.r.o.

Our company deals with the purchase of cattle, pigs and arrest. Exports and imports of beef breeding cattle and pigs. We own focal point and resting stations for domestic and foreign companies.

Javorník 2, Proseč pod Ještědem

Jiří Keller - Real

We are wholesaler of confectionery, which offers a wide assortment of sweets of all kinds. Chocolate, biscuits, sweets, candy. Our product range is also coffee and tea of all kinds. We have all brands represented Douwe Egberts, Tchibo, Jacobs, Mocha and more.

U Cihelny 95, Český Dub

H + P form, s.r.o.

Production of injection molds for plastics.

Husova 45, Český Dub

MM Solingen, s.r.o.

Offer cutting tools, industrial razor blades, and special tailor hairdressing scissors and beauty aids. Special cutting tools.

Svobody 34, Český Dub

Dalibor Havelka, second hand

Wholesale of used clothing.

Všelibice 70, Všelibice


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