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Petr Merunka

Nádražní 421, Hejnice

A-Z Reklama CZ s.r.o.

Melantrichova 117/4, Liberec - PC Contact

We offer paper, packaging, stationery, school supplies. We provide copying and tabulation paper, transparencies, forms, envelopes, labels, folders, cartridges, toners, calculators, books, blocks, thermal rolls, furniture, paper shredders.

Vrchlického 1005/57, Liberec XIV-Ruprechtice

Media Liberec, s.r.o.

We offer projects and realization of complete systems GRACO spray and spray paints, coatings, adhesives, sealants, including double-component. GRACO representation for CR, sale and servicing of the airless spray gun GRACO pumps and for engineering, carpenters and builders.

Ruprechtická 463/95, Liberec I-Staré Město

LIPA - velkoobchod papírem

offer a wide range of products and shop for your office, business, school or office. We provide a complete supply of school and office supplies, xerox, paper of all kinds, packaging materials and toiletries. Delivery of goods.

Barvířská 51/7b, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Interkomplet, s.r.o.

sale of office furniture, office chairs, dining table and chairs, equipped accommodation. Display at our showroom office furniture HOBIS NOVUS. We offer office chairs from Office-PRO, ALBA, ANTARES, MAYER.

Mlýnská 611/35, Liberec IV-Perštýn

APPLIC, s.r.o.

deliver remote control in the energy, industrial automation control and measurement, single-purpose machines. Furthermore, testers, manufacturing equipment, camera inspection systems, bar code systems. Reconstruction of textile machinery, management of technology (Simatic).

Puškinova 445, Liberec XXIII-Doubí

Byteček na míru, s.r.o.

We offer built-in wardrobes, kitchen, office furniture and shielding techniques. Offer including design, targeting and assembly. We provide customer service. Shutters, blinds and awnings.

Tanvaldská 166, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad N

Able Electric

BIONAIRE humidifier sale, bagless vacuum, Dyson, quartz heaters and Tansun Burda, fruit driers and electric Ezidri. Anuk smokers. We also offer slow cookers and electric. pressure cookers, vacuum welding and sheet Dyson Airblade hand driers.

Ještědská 90/117a, Liberec VIII-Dolní Hanychov

Podještědská mechanizační, spol. s r.o.

offer sales, service and financing of agricultural and municipal machinery. This is a Case-Steyr tractors, Lindner, machines for harvesting forage Krone Merlo telescopic handlers, articulated loader Weidemann, mulches Spearhead, Ferry and small tractors.

Světlá pod Ještědem-Hodky 49,

We import, sale and distribution of professional hair care products for use in hairdressing salons brands Cosmetechnics, literate, Shabam, Carlton-Cosmetics. Re...

Na Rybníčku 876/5c, Liberec III-Jeřáb


Manufacturing keys of all kinds, sales and installation of liners, locks, systems, principal and general key, production of stamps, sanding and carving tools.

5. května 33/18, Liberec

Ermeg, s.r.o.

purchase high-tech technologies for the electronics industry, the supply of optical and X-ray inspection systems (AOI, AXI). We supply fine enamelled wire (ELEK...

Husova 21/13, Liberec I-Staré Město

Artep Interier, s.r.o.

offer turnkey realization of interiors, design 3D. We produce and sell office, household furniture and a massive variety of styles. In our assortment you will find the kitchen, bedrooms, living rooms and children, facilities for hotels, guest houses, offices. Modern design.

Nákladní 281/41, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

Liberecký servis VZV, spol. s r.o.

offered handling equipment and forklifts: service, sales, leasing, repairs and overhauls, spare parts. Sales of spare parts and repairs Destacar. Nonstop service.

Kateřinská 235, Stráž nad Nisou

Alox, s.r.o.

Representation of the Swedish company Durie. Import transition, termination, and stair rails for carpets, wooden floors and floating. Furthermore, import trade chairmat. The possibility of wholesale and retail sales.

Barvířská 125/17, Liberec

FAEE, s.r.o.

purchasing fire alarm.

Na Rybníčku 387/6, Liberec III-Jeřáb

Kubrová - Snadný Trávník

we supply machinery and equipment for companies hydroosev EASY Lawn. Advising on hydroosevu. The device can be used for turf in the vicinity of highways, roads, crop fields, covering the landfill, preventing dust, reclamation, erosion control measures.

Mladá 801, Liberec XXV-Vesec

ECE Group, s.r.o.

We offer air and dust filtration of liquids. Manufacture of tubes, bags, bags and cloths.

Mařanova 650, Liberec XXV-Vesec

Ing. Martin Nevečeřal

We install security systems, electrical design and automation.

Liberecká 412, Hrádek nad Nisou

Leoš Novotný Leo & Fax

offer, sale and installation of telecommunication and office equipment.

Finská 270/9, Liberec VIII-Dolní Hanychov

Mikuláš Hrstka- Prodej průmyslových strojů a vybavení

We manufacture special purpose machines and automation prvků.Nabídka analyzes work processes and downsizing production.

Dřevařská 65, Liberec XXX-Vratislavice nad Nisou

ART Vision, s.r.o.

We design and presentation technology.

Švermova 344/68a, Liberec X-Františkov

KJ - Tech, s.r.o.

purchase of standard parts, machine tools and molds.

Nová 332/20, Liberec X-Františkov

Blanka Bittnarová- Prodej kancelářských potřeb a vybavení

purchase of stationery.

Jizerská 252, Hejnice

Milan Brzobohatý- Prodej průmyslové čisticí techniky a prostředků

We offer services in sales of detergents and cleaning equipment.

Kodešova 271, Frýdlant

Radek Blažek - Lakovací kabiny

We offer new and used paint booths: sales, service, installation. We offer cabins brands Saima, ears and Polin. Painting of steel structures.

Mlýnská 450, Frýdlant

Pavlů - Complex, s.r.o.

purchase and servicing of machines for production of PVC and aluminum windows and doors. Automatic control systems of production.

Puškinova 524, Liberec XXIII-Doubí

Laird Technologies, s.r.o.

We manufacture components for electromagnetic radiation shielding for a wide range of disciplines.

Průmyslová 497, Liberec XXIII-Doubí

Ligraco, s.r.o.

We supply and service systems, components and equipment for painting - spray paints, coatings, sealants, adhesives, grease and multiple component materials firms Grace WIWA, TITAN, WAGNER, OPTIMA. We also offer equipment for plastering, sanding and grouting.

Jetelová 235/3, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

Vyrtes, v.o.s.

We tested Rosic and sprayers.

Křižíkova 431/49, Liberec VII-Horní Růžodol

Asino, spol. s r.o.

purchase, service and hire cleaning equipment. Offer high-pressure equipment, sweeping, washing machines and vacuum cleaners.

nám. Tržní 153/6, Liberec I-Staré Město

Kaho + Liberec, spol. s r.o.

offer installation, service and design of residential and low-voltage distribution business, camera, security, surveillance and attendance systems.

Generála Svobody 25, Liberec XIII-Nové Pavlovice

Miroslav Řepík - Robic

purchase of office equipment.

Poutnická 370/16, Liberec IV-Perštýn

Tomáš Lojek- Prodej průmyslových strojů a vybavení

purchase of new and old cardboard and bookbinding machinery.

Čerchovská 16/10, Liberec IX-Janův Důl

X - chain, s.r.o.

We supply fuel chain conveyors and lifting and handling elevátorů.Nabídka techniky.Prodej snow, the protective and podmetacích chains.

Masarykova 459/20, Liberec I-Staré Město

Veskom, spol. s r.o.

buy compressors, blowers, pneumatic tools and compressed air distribution. Offer industrial water chillers and heat pumps IVT.

Generála Svobody 374/9a, Liberec XIII-Nové Pavlovice

Arda, spol. s r.o.

offer design, consultancy, supply, installation and servicing of catering units. Authorized partner for the brand of Electrolux Zanussi Professional.

Londýnská 123/17, Liberec XI-Růžodol I

Danitech, s.r.o.

purchase and servicing of equipment to gastro large kitchen operations. Sell coolers, display cabinets, refrigerated cabinets and ice makers.

Cyrila a Metoděje 238/22, Liberec XI-Růžodol I

Schneider, s.r.o.

brokering the sale of machinery, industrial equipment, ships and aircraft.

Tovaryšský vrch 1358/3, Liberec I-Staré Město


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